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AWAKEN YOUR SENSES with our treatments

Step into The Realm Of Restfulness

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to rejuvenate and detox your mind, body and consciousness, awaken your senses, experience  a beautiful state of stillness, a restfulness more amazing than your mind can fathom


Rejuvenation massage.png



Individually herbalised hot oil massage that keeps you young.

Great for energy and good health.

Joints and muscle are more flexible and skin is smooth, glows

At the end of the massage you are ...

Rejuvenation Massage

oil and bowl.png

A full body exfoliation massage similar to Abhyanga but more invigorating.

This one’s especially good for weight loss, cellulite,

 sluggish circulation and digestion.

Stagnant lymph & toxins are pushed out of the body.

Exfoliation Massage


PEMF restores the body’s natural electro-magnetic energy

Science teaches us that Everything is Energy and All Energy is Electromagnetic

PEMF detoxifies the cells from heavy metals and energises your body to heal itself. With PEMF you increase oxygen and ...

PEMF Therapy

Healthy Gut, Balanced Digestion Therapy.



A healthy gut is required for a healthy body, mind and consciousness.

‘All disease begins in the gut’

We’ve only recently begun to understand the extent of the gut flora’s role in health and disease.

Healthy Gut & Balanced Digestion




You reach the ultimate state of relaxation in just 20-30 minutes

Scientists, medical specialists and well known therapists recognise how relaxation is the ultimate key to wellness.

Electronic Light Therapy

steam sauna.jpg


Svedana - traditional Ayurvedic Steam Bath with aromatic herbs

Opens up clogged pores, cleanses the skin and improves complexion. Great for painful muscles and joints, arthritis, gout and backache

Relaxing Detox Steam Sauna

Light Stream Wand Technologies for Natur

Balances health via electro-magnetic fields

Improves micro-circulation, balancing the flow of energy or ‘chi’ in the body

Releases blockages

Promotes overall well being

Vitalizes drinking water and food

Light Stream Wand Technologies

oil poured  on back.png

Enter the powerful realm of restfulness...

Featherlight strokes with heavenly smells of certified organic essential oils for

Stress reduction + serotonine production,

Powerful immune boost &

Decreased inflammation

Well & Wise Aroma Massage




Lying comfortably on your back, a stream of warm oil is poured back & forth across the forehead. This is so relaxing that you often lose all track of space and time.

The metabolic rate drops and the brain waves slow down and ...

Brain Balance & Bliss Therapy

shilo abhyanga.png


Shila therapy penetrates deeply into the body to nourish the tissues and relieve aches & pains and swelling of the joints.

Hot Stone Massage

Ozone Insufflation.png

Ozone binds toxins and neutralises them so the body can get rid of them

Ozone is a natural antibiotic, anti-fungal anti-parasitic.

Ozone is 4500 x more powerful as an antibiotic & anti-fungal than chlorine bleach.

Ozone offers a natural ...

Ozone Therapies

Veda Pulse.jpg

A VedaPulse session helps

record the functional state of your body from an Ayurvedic perspective

recommend a suitable diet, supplements, essential oils

shift to a positive lifestyle


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