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Rest is your Superpower


Effective treatment in a comfortable environment

NZ Wellness Rest Retreats

Welcome to Beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand Wellness

A total immersion in Pure Wellness, Peaceful Pampering, Powerful Transformation


Sometimes, you just need a break.

In a beautiful place. To heal & transform.


At NZ Wellness Rest Retreat, we understand that during your time of transformation with us, your privacy is paramount. Men and women from all walks of life – high-profile business leaders, busy mums, celebrities, business owners, retirees, and many more –use our Immersion Rest Retreat as their healthy holiday paradise where they go to get healthy and re inspired, slim down, rest & relax, restore their energy, rejuvenate, and regain that sparkle for life.


We offer two options: Single Client Immersion ( 1 client ) or Bespoke Boutique (2-3 clients)

Single Client Immersion (1 guest) 

Exclusively One-on-One Rest Retreat

Our private retreat is ideal for high profile guests or clients needing a complete break as you immerse yourself and transform. Alone. Privately. In luxury.

Bespoke Boutique (2-3 guests) Rest Retreat

We offer couples / group discounts. Bring a friend/partner and enjoy a supportive experience and environment as you kick start your empowering journey into inner and outer transformation.

Choose from 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 21 days or longer packages

Everything you need is included

3 Day Soothing Starter Retreat

7 Days Cleanse Rest Retreat

14 Day Master Purify + Pamper Retreat

5 Day Ayurvedic Rest Retreat

10 Days to Initiate Transformation

21 Days Revolutionise Your Health

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